Kevin Sun

I made these things.

Intro to Being Here

The Culling

Eggs for Breakfast


Hack Attack!


MarIO Enhanced

Aesops Cave
A few school things.

Shallow Water
Rain Sim

Scene Graph Renderer

2D mass spring,
rigid rods, elastic rods

3D rigid bodies,
rigid rods, elastic rods
I didn't make these things (but I like them a lot).

/'kε -vi-nəʊ/

Game designer and programmer studying Computer Science at UT Austin. More engineer than scientist, but an artist at heart.

I'm currently at Google's Fun Propulsion Labs working on Firebase Cloud Functions. Previously I was at Certain Affinity doing engine and gameplay programming for an unannounced title.

I started programming on graphing calculators in middle school and quickly fell in love with the craft, not even aware that I could make money doing it. That was good for me I think.

Currently I am focusing on game engine technology such as rendering, developer tools, physics and architecture. I am most attracted to projects that widen the voice of games beyond action games or power fantasies-I love many games in this genre but the world does not need more of them. Above all, I believe games should be made from the heart!

I have code up on github.
Here's my resume if you want it.
If you'd like to talk, please don't hesitate to email or tweet at me.

That's it, thanks for stopping by!