Software Engineer and Game Designer

I worked on these things.

Firebase Cloud Functions

I made these things.

Intro to Being Here

The Culling

Eggs for Breakfast


Hack Attack!


MarIO Enhanced

Aesops Cave

Shallow Water
Rain Sim

Scene Graph Renderer

2D mass spring,
rigid rods, elastic rods

3D rigid bodies,
rigid rods, elastic rods
I didn't make these things.

/'kε -vi-nəʊ/

Hi! I'm Kevin and I like to program video games. I started programming on graphing calculators in middle school and quickly fell in love with the craft, not even aware that I could make money doing it. That was good for me I think.

I've been programming for 7 years, 5 with a keyboard. I recently graduated from UT Austin with a degree in Computer Science. I'm currently at Pixar working on the Presto Animation Software. Previously I worked at Hauoli on a Unity demo for their sound-based tracking technology. I was at Google's Fun Propulsion Labs the Summer of 2017 working on game technology for Firebase Cloud Functions and Summer of 2016 I was doing engine and gameplay programming in Unreal 4 at Certain Affinity for an unannounced title.

I'm always looking for interesting creative projects to involve myself in, whether they be my own solo projects or with a team. Most recently, I did programming and design for The Culling, an augmented reality theatre experience where audience members work together to solve puzzles (UT Fine Arts did a short mini doc on the project), and Intro to Being Here, a transmedia video game play where audience members create a piece of "content" in a video game with the hopes of meeting that "content" during the play. I have lots of other projects planned, so stay tuned!

My dream is for game to be an important medium of artistic expression and for myself to be a part of it. I am most interested in projects that widen the voice of games beyond action games or power fantasies. Above all, I believe games should be made from the heart!

Here's my resume if you want it. If you'd like to talk, please don't hesitate to email or tweet at me. That's it, thanks for stopping by!